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Clown SEx

Three plays about sex written & performed by Natasha Sutton Williams: one dark, one funny, one dark and funny.

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The pansexuals are out of the closet. The predators are finally being called out. Surely a sexual revolution is just around the corner? Meet three characters contending with bad sex, sad sex and sometimes even clown sex. These timely one-woman plays remind us all of the squelchy, awkward and sometimes even glorious sides of sex.

Written and performed by Natasha Sutton Williams

Directed by Dominic McHale
Produced by Bern Roche Farrelly

Clown Sex Review

‘There are so many things Sutton Williams’ draws upon in the three plays, one is spoilt for choice‘ ★★★★½ Breaking the Fourth Wall

Audience Praise for Clown Sex

"The three different acts each portrayed a raw and gritty no-stop roll of emotions. What a talented actress, great to have seen it. ★★★★"

"Natasha Sutton Williams is a talent to look out for. This was clever, challenging & funny & definitely not a comfortable, cosy experience. Well written, short & sharp & very dark. ★★★★"